10 Strategies for retailers to streamline logistics operations

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Here are ten strategies for retailers to optimize logistics operations and apply best practices so that the correct inventory is available at the right time.

  1. Be prepared for demand volatility

It’s crucial to be able to grow with flexible logistical operations to meet demand. Work with your suppliers to prioritize demand planning and forecasting so that the correct quantity of inventory arrives at the right time.

  1. Pay drivers well and fairly

Drivers seek a work-life balance, so they employ scheduling systems (typically embedded into a TMS) that consider their preferences, such as going home after each trip. Give them the tools and benefits they need to make your freight go smoothly.

  1. Inbound shipments should be coordinated

There will be no more congested docks or long queues in the yard as a result of this. Time spent in the yard or at dock doors can be reduced by communicating with truckers ahead of their arrival. So that drivers don’t waste time travelling around the yard, a mobile app may display them their allocated loads, dock door position, and appointment times.

  1. Work with dependable carriers

Look for carriers who are committed to best practices. Every retail business needs access to reputable carriers who can ensure that things are delivered on time, in full, and in perfect shape. Create KPIs and scorecards to track carriers’ performance and help them improve. Shippers and carriers can benefit from honest two-way communication that can lead to a more satisfying partnership.

  1. Track shipments from start to finish

A TMS keeps track of all shipments using ELDs, telematics, and GPS devices to provide notifications to management if there is a delay. When a problem emerges, being proactive and immediately fixing it leads to satisfied clients.

  1. Use mobile tools

Drivers can upload important papers using mobile apps. This allows you to issue a bill within hours after delivery and obtain payment faster. Customer satisfaction for last-mile deliveries can be improved by using proof-of-delivery smartphone apps. To prove that the order arrived safely, drivers photograph the delivered merchandise. Turn-by-turn directions are available in certain smartphone apps, which can aid with delivery times.

  1. Adopt automation

Automation removes steps in the process and decreases manual tasks, allowing orders to be processed more quickly. A well-designed transportation management system (TMS) automates these processes while cutting transportation costs, increasing logistical efficiency and productivity, and offering real-time insight that allows for proactive actions and reactions.

  1. Verify delivery addresses

A TMS can check to see if the address is genuine and has the correct ZIP code as you enter it in. This cuts down on mistakes and speeds up the process.

  1. Simulate

Use analytics tools to analyze how your assigned drivers’ present and prospective load routes align with your strategic goals and KPIs, considering loads, origins and destinations, hours-of-service (HOS), and real-world ETAs. The idea is to create a step-by-step strategy that outlines where drivers must travel for pickups and deliveries while also allowing them to stay compliant with HOS standards.

  1. Embrace green practices

The demand for green fashion has risen to new heights, and many retailers are following suit. By optimizing routes, a TMS may assist in lowering mileage and fuel consumption. Smart route planning cuts out-of-route kilometres and places you at the most convenient fuel and break stops. Look for a TMS that cuts down on deadhead miles or miles driven without carrying a cargo.

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