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10 Superior tips for improving packaging performance

AMG Logistics

The packaging used throughout the supply chain, as well as its management, is critical to the success of your business.

Reusable packaging cannot be examined in isolation; it must be evaluated as part of the whole supply chain system.

  1. Look at the packaging to see if it’s engaging for the users

Reusable packaging isn’t always the best choice. Before adopting a reusable program, make sure your packaging works well with everyone it will contact throughout its supply chain journey. If you provide reusable packaging to suppliers, for example, ensure that they agree to return it. Similarly, if forklift truck drivers handle your packaging on a regular basis, they must do it correctly to avoid damage.

  1. Work with a specialist

A skilled packaging partner can help you increase profits while also reducing packaging costs. Some vendors may claim that their manufacturing method saves you money. While you may save money on packaging, you may miss out on the long-term advantages of switching to reusables. An expert can assist in determining the optimal packaging in order to save money in other areas and boost output.

  1. Design with automation in mind

Before you start, double-check that your packaging will work with your automated systems. Retrofitting your packaging to your automated systems might be more expensive and time-consuming. Your packaging can be designed to lower your start-up and overall system expenses when chosen before adopting an automated system.

  1. Upgrade for logistics

When it comes to packaging, space concerns are crucial. How do you ensure you’re getting the most units per truckload? Do you require a stackable solution to save space? Will nestable or collapsible items help save money on repeat trips? Certain packaging techniques enable you to enhance pack density, lowering your per-piece freight expenses.

  1. Check innovative material streams out

To satisfy supply chain sustainability goals, consider adding recycled material into your reusable plastic packaging. Some packaging companies, for example, can integrate various recycled content sources into returnable packaging products. If your organization produces plastic items and has scrap, several packaging companies may recycle it into reusable packaging for your supply chain. Ocean-bound single-use plastic garbage is also recovered and repurposed by some firms.

  1. Packaging should be managed for the long term

Collaborate with a packaging supplier that will continue to review your system for further benefits to maximize your returns. They can offer services or best practices for tracking your packaging and ensuring that the system is delivering the proper quantity of packaging at the right moment.

  1. Adapt to new trends

Don’t be the last to take the plunge. Think about how your packaging fits in with current trends like automation, e-commerce, and sustainability. When implementing new technologies, use the most appropriate packaging for the system.

  1. Respond to a variety of packaging requirements

Working with a company that offers a wide range of packaging alternatives, from basic pallets and totes to bespoke options, may help you solve problems at every stage of your supply chain.

  1. Establish a single point of accountability

Use a single provider to better manage not just packaging and service, but also your time. Using a single supplier, for example, guarantees that all your packaging’s components are compatible.

  1. Give yourself time to adjust

A time of change management is required when introducing a new packaging scheme. Because new packaging brings new behaviours and procedures, it’s important to teach employees early and regularly in order to successfully manage change and assure program success.

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