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4 Easy questions to help you pick better storage

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Just as crucial as choosing or removing a product from inventory is the act of getting it into inventory. A facility can promote faster and more precise selection by having a strong slotting plan for receiving and storing items.

Slotting is the idea of employing data analysis to give each component a defined place based on its unique characteristics. Despite the complexity of the effort needed in placing objects in a storage system, there are four straightforward issues at its core:

  1. What kind of equipment does this item store best in?
    The key component of slotting is matching a product to the right storage system. However, businesses frequently use the storage procedures they currently have in place to resolve this issue.

    Carousels, racks, and drawer cabinets are just a few of the equipment choices. With only a few storage zones, the majority of storage systems can function effectively. It is crucial to examine each component separately and take into account not just how much space is needed, but also how frequently that component is utilized.

  1. Do we need to keep any extras of each component?
    As few as possible is generally invariably the response to this query. A decent general rule of thumb is to maintain a 20-day supply for medium-sized and medium-velocity stock-keeping units (SKUs) placed on a horizontal carousel. This amount ensures that there is enough supply without the need for regular replenishing.

  2. What kind of storage space should be utilized?
    The loading procedure is simplified, “paralysis by analysis” is minimized, and random storage may be implemented successfully when the number of cell sizes is kept to a minimum.

  3. What happens to the cell?
    Put the objects that move more quickly in cells that are simple to get to. It’s crucial to assess the available storage options and determine whether putting rapid movers there would be tactically advantageous.

    If so, figure out how to get your quickest movers into those cells in the most effective way. It is frequently a good idea to defer this action until you have completed your slotting exercise at least in part so that you are aware of how many of each cell size will be available.


Although slotting a whole warehouse is a significant task, the benefits far exceed the time commitment. When done correctly, slotting may help with several lean goals, including lowering stock levels, eliminating old inventory, and cutting part retrieval times to increase flow.

Start by concentrating on the components that move through your warehouse the quickest. Make sure you are keeping them in an effective manner, both in terms of number and placement, and evaluate the process’s immediate advantages. You’ll soon achieve complete slotting success.

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