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4 Steps to guarantee the safe arrival of your valuable shipments

AMG Logistics

Every shipment includes a valuable item for both the sender and the recipient. It’s possible that the package has a very high monetary value but low emotional value, or that it has a very high emotional value for the recipient but little financial value.

Consider a shipment of medications for patients in a new clinical study that are temperature- or time-sensitive. There are uncountable numbers of people who may gain from the outcomes of the drug study and the usefulness of those treatments to the individuals who are taking them.

The contents must be safeguarded in accordance with the value, whether it is objective or genuine. Compare your present procedures to the following four suggestions to make sure you’re utilizing the variety of both basic and advanced methods available for safeguarding shipments:

1. Demand assurance

Delivery services sometimes grant a considerable lot of leeway to the individual courier to decide where and when to drop things off when recipients are not accessible. Consider value-added alternatives like time-definite deliveries that need a signature upon arrival or giving the recipient authority over package tracking and delivery when you need an extra layer of protection.

2. Use reliable partners

Always deal with dependable partners you can trust, from production to warehousing, fulfilment, and delivery. Make the effort to find out who you will be working with. Verify their insurance policies, contact references, see their premises, and stay in touch with your sales staff frequently. By exercising due diligence, you may feel more confident about the safety of your products, and this confidence will spread to other aspects of your organization.

3. Maintain contact

Even if a package has left your custody, you can still closely monitor its safety from the dock to the door. With the development of sophisticated sensor-based technologies, shippers can now closely monitor the movement and environmental conditions of priceless shipments in close to real time. This includes tracking things like route adherence or deviation, temperature and humidity, light exposure, intense shaking/jostling, and more. Some methods can even monitor deeply frozen materials at temperatures hundreds of degrees below zero with probe compatibility for cryogenic and/or dry ice environments. With this degree of information, shippers and receivers may feel more certain that their packages are being handled in accordance with the set standards. Knowledge can make the difference between a successful drug study and a failed one, or between an aircraft flying and one that is grounded while waiting for a crucial component that was lost midway.

4. Specialize when necessary

Sometimes a package demands nothing less than excellent, specialized treatment, such as precious fine art, hazardous materials, or bulky, temperature-sensitive products. In that scenario, contact specialists in special shipments. When you choose this option, your package travels on a specialized vehicle or aircraft with a staff dedicated solely to ensuring its safe delivery from beginning to end.

Although it is more expensive, this specialized service may be the best option for things that need to be transported with the utmost care and protection.

How effective is your shipping safety policy?

The next time you have cargo that needs extra protection while in transportation, think about experimenting with any of these value-added possibilities. You will feel secure knowing that the delivery options you choose are comparable to the value of the package being sent.

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