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4 Strategies to conquer Reverse Logistics

AMG Logistics

Reverse logistics works like a mirror image of the standard logistics process; everything is done backwards.

When a client requests that a product be returned to the warehouse, it must be properly evaluated to verify whether it may be resold before being picked up off the shelf, packaged, and sent.

  1. First, the policy should be improved.
    A simple policy that instructs the employees to remain consistent serves as the foundation of every effective process. The method is simpler, which makes it simpler to follow. Customers may return an item with the receipt in hand and receive a new one in exchange, which fosters brand loyalty.

Your reverse logistics strategy should begin with the location of the warehouse where returns are delivered. Do you have a primary docking station or another entrance? Consider whether certain hours or days of the week are ideal for receiving returns.

Designate a specific section of the warehouse to bring goods to for processing once on the docks. To prevent them from attempting to do numerous warehouse tasks concurrently, assign a group of staff to handle only the returns.

Employees in the warehouse can follow the rules consistently with few errors thanks to a clear and simple method.

  1. Package with returns in mind.
    One well-liked feature of Amazon shipments is that buyers may utilize the packaging to send something back. Amazon offers a well-thought-out packaging strategy with resealable envelopes and strong boxes that can be retaped facilitating returns for consumers and warehouse workers and encouraging sustainability.

Products should be packaged with the possibility of return shipment in mind while being delivered. Consider shipping things in packaging that prevents damage during transit and give “how to return” instructions with return label options for consumers.

  1. Make room for things that are returned.
    Have at least one area designated in the warehouse to handle returned goods. Remember that returned shipments won’t likely be the same size, shape, or weight, and they might not be able to be stacked effectively or conveniently. If at all feasible, recruit workers who solely handle returns and establish a separate loading dock for receiving them adjacent to the work area.

  2. Spend money on software and solutions.
    Give workers the resources they need to complete their work properly and quickly. Systems for warehouse management are excellent for keeping track of production and documenting items, and they are simple to adapt to the requirements of your business.

A cheap approach to moving the essential items you currently have in the warehouse is with mobile-powered industrial carts. With everything at their fingertips, employees increase their productivity by 5 to 10 hours a week on average by avoiding unnecessary processes.

Purchasing tools is an investment in your team. Consider the items that fit within your spending limit and can improve accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse.

It takes time to determine which procedure is most effective for your operation; in the meanwhile, keep making little adjustments and trying other things. You will eventually have a top-notch department for reverse logistics that helps the fulfilment process succeed.

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