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5G network technology and the logistics industry

AMG Logistics

5G technology, which fundamentally is different from previous generations, is the next-generation network technology. It is designed to hugely improve and increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks.

This ‘monster’ network technology promises data rates 100x those of 4G, with network latency around 1 millisecond, support for 1 million devices/sq. Km., and 99.999% availability of the network. A world very well connected with the enablement of 5G is expected to generate data at a never-before-seen velocity and size. This “fast data” will drive a wide range of data-driven services and digital businesses.

5G will greatly affect many industries, but the purpose of this article, we would be considering how 5G will benefit the logistics industry. Below are some of the ways by which 5G will affect and benefit the logistics sector.

IMPROVED LOCATION AND TRACKING ROUTE OPTIMIZATION: 5G will help organizations to keep an eye on their valuable cargo across all regions by way of optimizing coverage areas that in the past were considered “dead zones”. Upgraded geo-location technology will give an insight into the delays and unforeseen circumstances, this ultimately will enhance location intelligence and attack resulting issues.

5G will aid the ability for logistics managers to keep track and account for cargo from end-to-end throughout the points of its trip.

STEADY TRACKING USING CHEAPER IOT SENSORS TO BLOCK REVENUE LEAKAGE: A significant portion of logistics and shipping providers believe that the lack of supply chain visibility remains one of the biggest problems the industry is faced with today, 5G will assist in a better single item and tagging and tracking, with the implementation of cheaper sensors.

5G will exponentially increase traceability by way of providing the capacity to track and compute data at every point in time, and this includes if a truck changes weight, which potentially indicates a problem. This advancement will enable cargo owners to have a high level of visibility into the previously difficult shipping.

IMPROVED COMMUNICATION AND REPAIRS VIA VR & AR: By the time the 5G technology is fully deployed, it will allow for technologies like enhanced virtual reality (VR) to give support on the road back up and other assists. For example, using VR, a remote mechanic can help with roadside assistance, thereby reducing unexpected downtimes.

Augmented reality (AR) can be installed or integrated into vehicles to provide improved endpoint recognition and invariably improve the safety and security of the driver. These updates will greatly reduce the allotted time for maintenance and save businesses costs as internal mechanics can be on call for any issue that potentially arises in transit.

In conclusion, as 5G becomes available, it is of high importance for solution buyers to consider its effects on efficiency, safety, and revenue. Improved visibility for fleet and owners of cargo simply implies a decrease in delays and losses. This eventually helps in saving time and resources, thereby protecting workers involved in cargo transportation.

The full implementation of 5G networks will no doubt bring about more efficient business practice within the logistics and supply chain companies and industry at large.

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