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Combating counterfeit products

AMG Logistics

The danger of fraud, substitution, and counterfeiting grows as pharmaceutical and food supply chains become more global. As these difficulties emerge, consumers are seeking more openness and adherence to safety standards.

Consumers are becoming more interested in the sourcing of their goods and the conditions in which they are produced.

Patients are especially vulnerable to counterfeit and inferior pharmaceuticals in the pharmaceutical supply chain, which can cause disease or death. Consumers are paying more attention to where their food comes from because of recent food contaminations.

End-to-end serialization and authentication aren’t always an all-or-nothing proposition in today’s supply chains. Authentication can take a variety of forms, but here are two:

  • Food products and ingredients are validated using digital imaging: To guarantee that no replacements penetrate the supply chain, invisible markers placed directly on product packaging can be scanned to identify authentication marks.

  • Serialization is the process of designating components with a unique identifier, such as a barcode so that they can be monitored and recognized separately. It also enables supply chain collaboration.

These two technologies, when used together, assist protect goods by standardizing data flow and ensuring authenticity.

Maximizing Digital Data

Many manufacturers are using new technological ways to transform linear supply chains into intelligent and agile digital supply networks to gain awareness. These corporate networks, which are similar in principle to social networks like Facebook, are achieving breakthrough outcomes because all stakeholders on a single platform can readily share data.

During the production process, pharmaceuticals may move through several nations and borders, offering several chances for tampering or the introduction of counterfeits. As a result of these mounting concerns, several nations have enacted legislation to govern the safety and distribution of medical products.

Consumers in the food business, meanwhile, are demanding more information about the source of their food and how it was produced so that they can track it from farm to table.

In the case of a recall, acting quickly is crucial for both consumer safety and corporate brand management. In this case, network platforms can help since they allow data to be shared among all players for supply chain visibility.

Problems can be swiftly discovered and segregated from the supply chain, and partners and regulatory bodies can be notified right away, allowing for a faster reaction and fewer possible consequences. Additionally, blockchain enables those partners to better coordinate logistics and enhance service while decreasing waste and expenses.

Traceability is crucial when it comes to consumer safety. Manufacturers of food and pharmaceuticals can no longer afford to overlook the necessity of traceability or the use of cutting-edge technologies.

AMG logistics got its Pharma and Health Quality Management System (PQMS) certification in 2021

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