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You will lose business if you provide terrible customer service. However, by committing to genuine change across your organization, you can improve the customer experience.

  1. To create a service culture, believe that the client is always right (even when they are incorrect). This is a challenging mentality to adopt, yet it is critical for enhancing your clients’ experiences and guiding your actions and reactions. The consumer pays all your bills, and your company must be entirely focused on them. If you have terrible or abusive customers, you may either stop doing business with them or charge a fee for the inconvenience.

  2. The golden rule should be followed. Customer service is based on the principle of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you were a customer, how would you like to be treated? That’s how you should treat your clients. How would you like your boss to treat you if you were in his or her shoes? That’s how you should treat your staff (and vendors). This necessitates emotional intelligence, thoughtfulness, and the capacity to put oneself in the shoes of another person. Employees and vendors that are appreciated and engaged should treat their consumers with respect.

  3. Proactively communicate. Be one step ahead of your client. If a consumer informs us of a problem we should have known about, we consider it a failure. Inform clients of problems ahead of time and suggest remedies before they occur.

  4. Make use of technology. It is no longer an option to be visible. Your client expects to know where the pallet or truckload is located. Automated technology lets you provide better service.

  5. Processes are continually being improved. Inquire team members and consumers about ways to enhance service. Customers’ Net Promoter Scores should be measured. Value suppliers distinguish on service, whereas commodities differentiate on price.

  6. Set pricing that is reasonable. You’re taking advantage of a consumer by making large margins on them, and you’re setting yourself up to be undercut by your competitors. Developing a trusting and transparent connection alters your relationship, increases client loyalty and appreciation, and sets you apart from the competition.

  7. Choose your words carefully. Consider the words you use with clients. It is your business to serve your clients, so why would providing outstanding service be a “problem”? “No problem,” we never say. We say “my pleasure” or “I am delighted to make that change” instead. Look for comments that are pleasant and service-oriented.

  8. Measure the level of service. Use key performance indicators to track and demonstrate your high-quality service. Calculate the amount of money saved and the time it takes to respond. Show that you can deliver dependable service by using on-time and claim percentages. We frequently rely on our clients to assess us; instead, we should demonstrate that we are assessing ourselves.

  9. Take the Zappos approach. Customer service is what Zappos and its retired CEO Tony Hsieh excel at. Their mission is to provide service that “wows” staff, vendors, and clients. Examine how you can “wow” your clients.

  10. Even though it hurts, do what you said you would do. Trust is the foundation of exceptional customer service. Even if you lose money on the trade, keep your word. Even if you make a mistake, be honest. Accept responsibility for your actions. Your consumer will consider you a long-term collaborator and a vital extension of their business if you earn their confidence.

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