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Exploring the last mile option

AMG Logistics

In the supply chain, the last mile is critical.

Last-mile closeness is no longer optional as consumers want delivery windows that are shorter and shorter. Here’s how we make the last mile a competitive distinction in the marketplace.

  1. Include more players

Request direct shipments from suppliers to select consumers. If you want to reduce shipment times, consider sharing fulfilment services with other omni-channel businesses. Utilize the cross-docks of 3PLs or carriers, particularly if they are already situated close to your main customer markets.

  1. Communicate

Never think that sending one pre-delivery scheduling message is sufficient since busy clients may easily lose or ignore it. Instead, we use a variety of channels to repeatedly inform each client of the specifics of each delivery window to avoid misunderstandings and expensive not-at-homes.

  1. Never undervalue the significance of packaging

A consumer who receives a product in less-than-immaculate external packaging may begin to doubt the integrity of the business as well as the actual state of the goods. Don’t presume your consumer will ignore any items that are delivered with dust or rips. Before it arrives at the customer’s house, fix it or replace the packaging.

  1. Offer to handle the assembly

Many clients lack the time, persistence, or knowledge necessary to set up a significant transaction. Customers who are busy prefer the ease of last-mile options including product setup, assembly, installation, and other value-added services.

  1. Invest in better last-mile visibility tools

Few things are more crucial to customers during delivery than location and timing. Provide clients with the visibility they demand by offering real-time, last-mile connection within your business to set yourself apart from the competition.

  1. Provide a speedy resolution

Send a replacement request while your delivery team is still at a customer’s house if a shipment is defective, erroneous, or incomplete. It shows your consumer that your business is aiming for an immediate and painless settlement. Additionally, it can shorten the replacement procedure by up to a whole day.

  1. Expand the scope of your optimization

Your business may achieve economies of scale by optimizing deliveries concurrently across several locations, distribution centres, and channels—savings you can then pass on to customers through lower last-mile delivery costs.

  1. Invest resources in resolving issues

Even the finest businesses occasionally produce goods that are flawed until the last-mile distribution centre. At your warehouses, make an investment in top-notch quality assurance specialists who can assist fix issues before delivery.

  1. Consider the last mile a component of your national brand

Work with a team of key suppliers and carriers who have been carefully chosen and who are familiar with how your business wants to create its brand’s customer experience to develop a clearly defined delivery protocol. Enact quality control procedures to guarantee that any delivery service you use adheres to your protocol and delivery experience roadmap.

  1. “Misery index” should be decreased

By aiming for shorter delivery windows and phoning when a delivery crew is around 30 minutes away, you may demonstrate to clients that you value their time.

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