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How 3PLs can minimize claims and help customers understand liability

AMG Logistics

When customers partner with 3PLs, they are looking for more than just customer service. They are looking for expertise that cannot be replaced by technology and a proactive approach to improve the efficiency of their processes and reduce risk.

One of the main obstacles in the relationship between the middleman and the customer is the lack of clarity about the conditions in the event of loss, damage, or delay in transit. Carriers and forwarders are responsible for settling shipping claims and any returns.

This exemption does not mean that 3PLs cannot be part of this process. Conversely, 3PLs can become allies for their customers, providing exceptional customer service and support for a smoother and easier claims process. Therefore, 3PLs must cultivate and invest in the knowledge of their teams through specialized training programs tailored to their needs, to reduce risks, prevent errors. and deliver results.

Essential Aspects of Processing Claims

Follow up on regular claims: Assertive communication is key. With a team designed to manage these processes, customers can be supported by a team of experts who will help reduce risk, loss, damage, and delay. This team will continuously monitor the case and its progress until the carrier provides the results. A final response can take up to 120 days, but with effective monitoring, wait times can be significantly reduced.

Meeting deadlines: When damage or shortages are not immediately identifiable and loss is discovered after signing the delivery note, the customer has 5 days to report it to the carrier. A team of experts familiar with the principles and changes to the NMFC rules will help expedite the application process and meet deadlines to avoid unreported or unreported cases.

Prepare a shipment to avoid unnecessary risks: When transporting goods, every process must be prepared and followed by detailed documents. These files provide a record of every load, including all transactions and instructions, to a successful destination. This is essential to guarantee service. 

For example, filling in the “value of these products” box on the first page of the bill of lading helps to avoid a total loss. If valuable information is missing, the service provider will have the authority to assume the issuance rate. The team will review the documentation and ensure that each item is specified correctly, thus protecting the business from unnecessary risks that can result from carelessness or negligence.

Shipment Insurance: It is essential to determine the type of insurance the shipment needs to be covered during transit. To determine the type of coverage required, the customer must consider the type of cargo to be transported, the type of service required, and the carrier’s liability. By adding additional protection to the cargo and ensuring that 3PL has a variety of insurance coverages such as Motor Liability and Total Cargo Insurance, customers will have peace of mind knowing their goods are safe. 

Logisticians can leverage the advantages of their expertise to create more specialized services. These services should not only focus on execution and delivery but also safeguard the best interests of a company and its people.

Customers will be provided with quotation and shipping assistance as well as assistance in handling issues that may arise during any stage of the shipping and delivery process.

This added value will strengthen business relationships, build trust, and foster long-term partnerships.

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