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How 3PLS serve you in the agricultural sector

AMG Logistics

Serving the agriculture sector needs more than just transporting goods from point A to point B for third-party logistics businesses. To run these kinds of organizations successfully, specialized expertise must be acquired, regardless of whether it relates to transportation, seasonal and year-round storage, or some other function completely.

Agriculture businesses have requirements, thus a 3PL partner must be knowledgeable about the industry.

To successfully service the sector, you need to be aware of the following:

Be adaptable: Agriculture clients must have confidence in their 3PL partners to complete tasks on time, every time, year after year. Any services the agriculture industry may require, such as warehouse space, personnel, forklifts, trucks, drivers, trailers, customer pickups, and experience in warehousing and transportation, can be included in this. It can also include on-time LTL and dedicated route service performance. AMG Logistics as a 3PL supports the sector by providing next-day LTL and dedicated route delivery services to our Nigerian clients throughout the busiest agricultural season, which runs from March through June.

Accept seasonality: 3PLs must accommodate the seasonality of the sector, much like producers who sow in the rainy and harvest in the dry season. It is impossible to put off doing anything that needs to be done. Since tomorrow may be a “rain day,” 3PLs must respond quickly to everything from rainy season input to dry season maintenance through crop takedown.

Utilize location: Look for partnerships that make sense geographically. Many agriculture enterprises have found that AMG Logistics‘ position in the commercial hub of Nigeria, in the epicentre of farming in the south, makes it simple for them to access consumers there.

Grow together: Be ready to advance with your customers. Smaller businesses are being squeezed while major firms grow as the sector consolidates quickly. You must adapt, modify, and develop to meet client supply chain needs. The larger businesses want a dependable 3PL that can adjust up and down to expand through smart relationships

Purchase equipment: Contrary to popular belief, agriculture is one of the most technologically sophisticated sectors of the global economy. The agricultural business is developing quickly, from GPS-only farming equipment to weather forecasts. To make sure you have what it takes to satisfy the demands of your clients, you might need to make an investment as a 3PL in agricultural-specific equipment like hopper-bottom trailers.

Agriculture, like many other sectors, is struggling with supply chain issues as well as skyrocketing costs. Becoming personally interested in agriculture doesn’t hurt but being a 3PL also requires you to be totally devoted to the business and educated about the local market. Not all 3PLs are prepared to service the sector, but for those that are, having a specialization is good.

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