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How to strategically plan for a rewarding 2021

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2020 has shown that unanticipated global and local occurrences can trump well-intended resolutions, expectations, and projections. The unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus threw the world into chaos and threatened human existence.
However, humanity’s resilience would ensure we keep faith that the new year will herald new possibilities and opportunities; a fresh start to different endeavours in individual lives, and the society at large.

The turnout of events in the previous year was unfavourable to many. Many people are caught in retrospection; reevaluating some of the choices they made in the past year, while those who are mentally exhausted, untrusting their abilities to reorganise their plans, riddle their minds with unanswered questions like “where do I go from here?”; “How do I begin to make plans this new year?”; “What difference will my plans make?”.
Those who lost so much financially, emotionally, and physically in 2020 might also be wondering, how to make sure this year is different, and how to recover from the losses of 2020. Whichever category you fall in, your questions and feelings are valid.

Resolutions are essential regardless of the uncertainties. Even if you end up not achieving some of the things you planned, you will realise that your direction towards achieving your goals would be more precise than when you have no plans. They are a perfect opportunity for all those who have failed in the past, to start making the long-overdue changes that they said they would make ‘next week’, ‘next month’, or perhaps before the end of the year.

So why plan when it is evident that the difficulties of 2020 will reverberate through 2021, understandably so as some countries are currently experiencing the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic; the global economy is yet to fully recover from the pandemic’s battering, and a lot of destabilised families and businesses are yet to bounce back? Here in Nigeria, there are clear indications that the country is on the verge of a scathing and more severe second wave of the pandemic.

However, there is still an urgent need to prepare. The many lessons from the past year are enough to remind all that we need to be strategically prepared and mentally ready for the unknown. You have to be very deliberate about it by writing out simple health, safety and emergency plan and a concise financial and wealth protection plan. The latter is not as technical as it sounds if you understand insurance. All these fears are socio-economic risks which financial planners have designed risk management and mitigation tools to address. Insurance plays a big role in risk identification, management, and protection.

In a survey conducted by Modion Communications – a Lagos based PR agency, it appeared that many people who suffered a loss in their businesses due to the many chaotic outcomes in 2020 said insurance came to their rescue. One of the surveys conducted measured respondents’ proactiveness in having an insurance policy prior to the #EndSARS civil unrest that led to massive destruction of businesses in Lagos last year with 62% of the survey population affirming the need for insurance.

Without any doubt, risks, and uncertainties characterise the business environment as well as human socio-economic wellbeing. So, it is critical not to leave anything to chance. Insurance is the best tool for the mitigation of these risks.
Therefore, this year, no matter what your plan is, make sure to prioritise procuring an insurance policy at the very least. It will give you the peace-of-mind and the confidence to acknowledge that there is an assurance for recompense no matter what happens. Leadway Assurance Company Limited, Nigeria’s largest claims-paying insurer in the last six consecutive years is poised to ‘insure’ that happiness and peace-of-mind. The firm has done this for over 50 years.

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