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Nigerian aviation crisis July 2022

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25th July 2022

The dire situation we are facing in the aviation industry in Nigeria is unprecedented.

Never have we seen such a combination of seemingly insurmountable problems affecting us.

Domestic Travel
The Airline Operators of Nigeria have warned that there will be major disruptions in scheduled flight operations including cancellations and long delays due to the acute shortage of aviation fuel in Nigeria.

We advise you to go to the airport on time but to expect delays of 4 hours or more. These delays are NOT the fault of the airlines and we implore you to remain patient with staff who are trying to do their best in very difficult times. Your plane can only operate if and when fuel for your flight has been obtained.

Jet fuel has more than quadrupled in price this year which has invariably increased fares. The Airline Operators of Nigeria have warned us to expect fares to increase to as much as N120,000 for an economy seat on a one-hour flight such as Lagos to Port Harcourt and Lagos to Abuja.

International Travel
Thankfully as of now, international flights have not yet been affected by the fuel shortage, although this may change at any time.

In our last newsletter, we informed you of the financial issues facing international airlines out of Nigeria. This has not improved. Indeed things are worst. Expect fares for BA and Virgin to London, or Delta to the US, in Aug to be AT LEAST N1,500,000. This is not the fault of the airline or the agent. You may find that we offer you alternative options that you have not previously considered and in these trying times, request that you consider all options we provide and make your decision quickly to avoid disappointment. Airlines have reduced the time we can hold seats and they are making frequent changes to fares on the system.

Please be advised that in order to continue operating effectively, agent’s service fees must increase in line with ticket values and reflect the increased time and effort we have made to ensure we get you the best options for your proposed trip.

Finally, we humbly appeal to customers to ensure prompt payments to all agents within agreed timeframes. Higher fares mean more and more funds are required by travel agents for cash deposits with the airlines and IATA, putting huge stresses on us financially.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

As is the case with most organisations around the world, Network Travels is operating virtually, so rather than calling us please send in your requests to and we will attend to your requests in the same expeditious manner as we did prior to the crisis.

You can also chat to us via Telegram

If you wish to speak to us our switchboard number is +234 (0908) 748-2400.


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