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World Cancer Day

Our love and best wishes to everyone fighting cancer

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Achieving a healthier, brighter future one day at a time.

For the past two years, World Cancer Day supporters around the world have been sharing their ‘I Am and I Will’ commitments – pledging bold and brave actions to reduce the impact of cancer. 

This coming 2021, in the final year of the ‘I Am and I Will’ campaign, we want to be part of your journey to achieving your ‘I Am and I Will’ commitment. Through the World Cancer Day 21 Days to Impact Challenge, we’ll be with you every single day for 21 days encouraging you along your way to making impact through small but meaningful actions.

It takes the proverbial 21 days to create a positive habit. So, for 2021, whether you’re committing to improving your personal health, supporting someone you love with cancer, educating yourself about cancer, speaking out against cancer or making history by helping to eliminate cervical cancer, sign up to one of the five challenges to receive daily inspiration and practical guidance.

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