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Third-party logistics (3PL) customer service specialization

AMG Logistics

It’s tough to define customer service. It’s much more difficult to quantify. Customer service is more than being nice and helpful; it’s also about being competent, which may be vague at times. A 3PL must understand a shipper’s demands inside and out to handle complicated challenges quickly.

While the complexities of specific shippers and receivers will always be important, industry experience is the most effective approach to influence customer service needs. Consumer demands, technological expectations, and trucking rules are all pushing for a big shift in transportation toward niche specialization, which is causing anxiety.

So don’t be satisfied with mediocre customer service. There is a plethora of 3PLs to pick from in today’s market. Make sure the company you’re working with has internal standards in place that connect their performance expectations with the ones your clients have for you, and that they specialize in the areas of knowledge you require. Here are some things to think about:

  • Communication

What do you mean when you say, “excellence in customer service”? This is something that 3PLs and their clients must discuss on a regular basis. Because there are so many various methods to outline, it’s important for partners to make sure they’re on the same page.

Honesty and trust are critical, and only suppliers that genuinely value cooperation would encourage their employees to adhere to these norms. Many 3PLs encourage their employees to achieve growth at any cost, which might encourage their business development teams to say “yes” to every request, even if they are ill-equipped to meet it. Delivering the price and scope-of-work estimates that a customer wants to hear isn’t what honesty entails. It entails setting realistic expectations for long-term pricing to guarantee that the client’s best interests come first.

Integrity is essential as well. Look for service providers that accept responsibility for their own faults and who explain possible problems ahead of time. Your 3PL should be about identifying solutions, not evading ownership, regardless of the circumstance or who is to blame.

It’s also important to assess the degree of transparency in your transportation spending and gain insight into performance metrics. Is your supplier successfully communicating with you? Is there any technology in place that allows you to obtain data on performance? This might include daily or hourly order status updates, live tracking so you don’t have to ask for information all the time, or deeper KPIs.

  • Culture

Look for a 3PL with a customer-first culture, one that goes above and beyond single transactions to deliver value to clients every day and live out its mission in every encounter.

Determine if the advertised culture is driving decision-making or if it’s just sales jargon. Is it the major goal and performance metric for those serving you to satisfy your demands at all costs, or is it the primary goal and performance measure to maximize profit margins? Companies that reward customer service internally are committed to making it a priority.

Also, look for someone who shares your beliefs. A partnership is nothing more than a buzzword without organizational alignment. It will be very hard to agree on customer service standards if basic corporate objectives are mismatched.

  • Measurement

The most conventional method of evaluating customer service effectiveness is through surveys but asking consumers for input on a regular basis may become tedious.

3PLs can use hard data for more consistent measurement. Set well-defined metrics around those criteria once you’ve communicated what good customer service looks like, and review whether they’re being fulfilled on a regular basis.

Is the parameter set’s average reaction time within the parameters?

Do reps keep you up to date on all concerns and provide proactive solutions?

Do you have the necessary levels of visibility?

Demand that your service providers satisfy your customer service standards and understand your company in today’s transportation environment. Because the two of you will be working toward shared goals, service-oriented specialists will regularly meet and often surpass, your needs.

Just make sure to set those goals ahead of time and assess them on a regular basis.

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